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Procen Studio has been providing high quality post-production, and dubbing and subtitling service for 45 years in Japan.

Our trained engineers pay close attention to the details; lip-sync, ambience match, andoverall balance to achieve perfect recreation of originals.

We will assure the great efforts made by our skilled technical team overwhelm you.

In dubbing and subtitling service, we give you any language versions of your contents with that reliable engineers.

Our own in-house recording studios with latest console and software we update regularly enables swift delivery of remarkable localization services.

You can rely on us for everything; directing, casting voice actors, translating, recording, and mixing.

We have been attracting clients such as Netflix, Inc.,, Inc., Universal Pictures etc. 

Check the list of our works.

You have our bilingual staff.

Procen Studio Co., Ltd.

1-4-2 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0051, JAPAN 
TEL: 03-3404-1839
FAX: 03-3404-4090
E-MAIL: productionteam☆
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List of our works

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